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Voice Disorders

The voice is a powerful tool, yet there is a lot that can go wrong that may affect its “power”. Extensive background history and successful management are key to progression. A highly trained voice therapist will analyze areas of posture, breath support, pitch, rate, volume, rate and resonance.  Voice retraining programs address various disorders of the vocal cords and related areas.

Examples of Various Voice Disorders:

  • Laryngeal Trauma-  Either as a result of misuse/abuse of the voice or trauma to the regions of neck
  • Neurogenic Dysphonia- Resulting from nerve lesions or disease to the vocal folds or surrounding areas
  • Congenital  Dysphonia- Resulting from masses or lesions or structural abnormality to the vocal folds or surrounding areas
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia- When vocal folds are open or closed too much, affecting the vibration pattern for speaking. Patients have a strained or “squeezed” quality. It is an effort to gain loudness.
  • Laryngectomy -Total or partial removal of the larynx.

Aspen Rehab additionally provides specialized therapeutic intervention, tailored to an individual’s speech (Abbreviated ST), or language needs.  These interventions may include: advanced oral-motor treatments, neuromuscular reeducation, functional computer retraining, intensive voice programs and traditional ST techniques.

Here at Aspen Rehab Coral Springs, FL, our experienced Speech Therapists are skilled in addressing many areas of need. Request a consult today!