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As a Coral Springs, FL physical therapy practice committed to helping patients be pain-free, we are always accepting resumes from therapy and administrative staff who pride themselves on accepting new challenges and who have a strong desire to help others. We only accept staff into Aspen Rehabilitation who have the drive, passion, and enthusiasm for helping the patients we serve feel better fast.

Our focus is on delivering exceptional results and services, learning new techniques, advancing our capabilities, and of course, having an exceptional team environment! Our expanding practice provides ample opportunities for further education and career advancement.

Our History

Aspen Rehab was founded by therapists with the same passion for patient care and customer service excellence. Our practice is driven by quality, not quantity. While corporate business chain therapy models cause an ever increase inpatient to therapist ratios, less hands-on time, and exhaustive paperwork, Aspen Rehab is moving the other direction.

How Do We Do IT Better Than Our Competitors?

Simple, we do not sustain our business by contract or capitated insurances like our competitors do. Our practice accepts the top insurances, provides specialty care that competitors don’t, and due to our standard of quality, does not suffer the corporate crunch that forces therapists to see 4-6 patients an hour. Tired of only getting 6 visits? Wonder how you’re going to treat a patient in only a half an hour? We do to! So what does it all mean?
It means more hands on, less patients an hour, and happier patients and happier therapists.


We believe that therapists should have lives. Aspen Rehab is never open on weekends and holidays. We are located near major highway hubs meaning travel time to and from us is easy. We also employ simple electronic documentation that makes it quick to get your notes done and on your way home.

VIP Customer Service

Aspen Rehab offers the highest level of quality customer service. Where do Doctors, their family, Mayors, Celebrities, and patients from all over the world go for therapy? That’s right! They choose Aspen Rehab. Our practice offers the VIP level of care, has specialty services that draw patients internationally, and are the developers of new therapy technology and treatments that hold US patents. We see patients from across the globe.

Aspen clinicians lecture and travel all over the US and Canada training and teaching unique programs such as our after Plastic Surgery treatments.


Aspen offers flexible hours, top pay, continuing education, and much more.

Professional Growth

Feel like your just tired of yet again counting out another 20 reps of T band ex’s? Feel as if your current job offers you no more room for professional growth?
How about a management position in which you are trained to run a therapy practice? Would you like an investment opportunity where your time and investment yields a profit from the work you do? Always thought of opening you own practice but heard the horror stories of failed practices, insurance networks that have been closed, and wont let new providers in?

ASPEN REHAB is looking for highly driven and competent therapists who want a larger piece of the pie. If you have experience in management, overseeing staff, or directing a therapy team, we offer Upper level Partnership/ Ownership opportunities. Inquire within.

Are you ready for a change? Frustrated with the “reality” of the industry after graduating? Tired of the corporate crunch? Contact Aspen Rehabilitation in Coral Springs, FL today or submit the form and your resume below.

Positions available to apply for:

  • Physical Therapist
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Therapy Technicians
  • Rehab Aid
  • Speech Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist