chronic pain management Coral Springs, FL

Pain Management

Aspen Rehabilitation offers skilled Pain Management services to help those suffering from chronic pain due to accident, injury, or chronic pain conditions.

For patients that desire an alternative or a method of weaning from prescription medication, those with opiate addiction, or an alternative to Cortisone, or epidural injections we provide root cause analysis of what is the root of your pain versus simply providing symptom only treatment.

This is especially important in today’s opiate crisis where patients are developing secondary complications like addictions that can become lifetime problems.

The methodology of Aspen Rehabilitation is to not simply mask the symptoms but properly diagnose what the root of the problem is. This is especially common in patients with chronic, neck, back, muscular, or joint dysfunction where the root cause is bio-mechanical and can be corrected. The problem with pain medications, injections, Cortisone, and epidurals is that these pain maskers do not address the problem but simply cover up short term requiring the user to be on a lifetime of this medication thinking the problem has been solved.

For those seeking alternatives to pain management, opiate addiction, or chronic pain conditions that can’t be helped. Aspen Rehabilitation will provide a comprehensive  evaluation and treatment program that has been successfully shown to help, resolve, and fix several chronic pain conditions most patients aren’t even aware that can be resolved.

You should choose physical therapy when:

  • The risks of opioid use outweigh the rewards.
  • Patients want to do more than mask the pain.
  • Pain or function problems are related to low back pain, hip or knee osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia.
  • Opioids are prescribed for pain.
  • Pain lasts 90 days.

The amount of research and evidence that shows how the opiate crisis and the effectiveness of physical therapy in addressing these issues can be seen below. Request a consult with Aspen Rehabilitation at Coral Springs, FL and get started on your pain management program today.