What patients are saying about Aspen Rehabilitation therapy services.


“When I started treatment, I could not walk without quite a bit of pain and limping… by the time treatment ended and we took our trip, I was able to do everything I wanted to do, including playing tennis, without pain “

NANCY C.     -Read Nancy’s Letter


“You helped overcome my feelings of imbalance by..…………..I thank you, most gratefully.”

ISABELLE S.     -Read Isabelle's Letter


“I recently injured my leg with some glass, severed my tendons + nerves and lost..….Being a gym owner and Personal Trainer, I thought I could do it on my own…I was wrong…I never felt like a number. I received one on one treatment throughout and most of all, success!”

DAVID S.      -Read David’s Letter


“…..during my recovery from a herniated disc in my lower back……..I was referred to you by Dr……….due mainly from the positive feedback from many patients…”    

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Mrs. Celest Cidoni - Former Patient of Aspen Rehabilitation
What Celeste said on a recent survey about her experience at Aspen Rehabilitation.

Question and Answer

Aspen Rehabilitation: How long did you have to wait for someone to explain your insurance benefits?

Mrs. Cidoni:  Same day as 1st visit

Aspen Rehabilitation: Once completing the appropriate forms, how long did you wait before being seen by your therapist?

Mrs. Cidoni:  Less than 10 minutes

Aspen Rehabilitation: Besides your recent therapy treatment, have you had any previous experience with therapy? If yes, how does Aspen Rehabilitation compare?

Mrs. Cidoni:  Yes. Excellent.

Aspen Rehabilitation: Are you completely satisfied with your overall care provided by your therapist?

Mrs. Cidoni:  Yes

Aspen Rehabilitation: Would you consider our office for any future services?

Mrs. Cidoni:  Yes.

More Testimonials

"Extreme lower back pain was eliminated with professional guidance and compassion."  – R.D.

"When I started therapy I had numbness in my left hand and two fingers were completely numb.  Upon completion of therapy, I have full sensation back in my hand and fingers." – P. E.

"No more headaches in the morning and I’m sleeping better.  I have no back pain and much better posture." – C.L.

"I am grateful that I can now resume my normal life.  Thanks!" – D.G

"Very effective program" – T.H.

"Substantially improved from onset to present, 90% improved!!" – M.C.

"I am able to sleep on my right side without any numbness." – C.G.


"I have much less pain in my back!" – I.C.

"I feel much better and pain free." – E.C.

"Aspen staff, without exception, is positive, professional and very caring." –M.D.G.

"It is nice to know that there are people out there that care."  – B. B.

"I actually can walk from the car to the door."  – A. R.G.

"I’m back to tennis and every day life without pain." – J.H.

"Major improvement moving toe and foot since starting."  – C. L.

"I am able to walk straight ahead without staggering." – I. S.

"When I first came in, I couldn’t even touch my knees when I bent over.  Now I can almost touch my toes.  I am feeling much better." – M. S.


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