Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is applied via a variety of scientifically developed massage techniques to the soft tissue of the body to improve muscle tone and circulation. Your Massage or Physical therapists work to enhance well-being, reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and tension, prevent disease, and restore health.

Popular Massage Styles Offered:

Swedish Massage
Traditional Swedish massage was introduced in Sweden in the year 1812. Today, a Western-style Swedish massage still employs a series of long, gliding strokes, kneading of the muscles, and vibrational taps that are so common when one thinks of massage. A Swedish massage therapist will always use massage oils to achieve the smooth, long and deep strokes over their client’s body.

Fibromyalgia Massage
Fibromyalgia massage was designed to help people cope with the pains of fibromyalgia, which is a chronic syndrome that causes terrible fatigue and enormous pain. The word “fibromyalgia” means tissue and muscle pain. It’s theorized that during massage therapy, the central nervous system is stimulated, which in turn promotes the production of pain blocking hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and norepinephrine. This could be one reason why massage therapy brings such immense relief with those who suffer from Fibromyalgia.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy, or CST, is a gentle, hands-on manipulation of a physiological body system called the cranio-sacral system.. The theory behind cranio-sacral therapy is that when blockages occur in spinal fluid, an unharmonious balance in the body can occur, resulting in muscle and joint strain, emotional disturbances and the improper operation of the body’s organs and central nervous system



Neuromuscular Therapy
A neuromuscular therapy massage is applied in various pressures by the therapist, using a combination of effleurage or gliding, petrissage or grasping, friction, muscle energy, and strain/counter-strain massage techniques. First the therapist will locate the muscle spasm in the back and then concentrate the hands-on treatment to this area by applying continuous pressure for about 30-seconds with their fingers, knuckles and elbows. The same pressure must be maintained by the massage therapist for the entire 30-seconds in order to encourage proper blood flow in the area.

A Shiatsu massage, like you might enjoy today, consists of a finger-pressure technique that utilizes the traditional acupuncture points of Oriental healing. Similar to acupressure, shiatsu concentrates on unblocking the flow of life energy (or chi) and restoring the balance in the various meridians on the body. When these meridians are unblocked the major body systems and organs they represent are encouraged to heal and attain perfect balance.

Lymphatic Massage
Lymphatic massage, also known as lymphatic drainage, is a gentle form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system to improve metabolism, promote the removal of bodily toxins and waste, and encourages a healthy immune system. The massage is good for individuals who frequently suffer from illnesses, a faulty immune system, sports injuries,   depression and emotional problems, stress, and low energy. Lymphatic massage is also very useful after surgery to decrease pain, improve range of motion, and decrease swelling. This is especially beneficial to those having orthopedic or plastic surgery of the face, chest, and abdomen.

And don’t forget….
Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage.
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